Fun-ucational Apps

Yes, it's a word...don't overthink it. If you want to hear us discuss this content on our podcast, click the following link: Listen to the Podcast! A couple weeks ago, the Google giant was forced to remove dozens of apps from the Play Store due to some pretty shady developers placing pornographic ads and links to … Continue reading Fun-ucational Apps


Hey guys! It's been a second since we've posted on the blog! I promise we'll get better at this. In fact I'm going to try to get a STEM/STEAM activity up at least once a month for you guys. Below you'll be able to see a few of our activities; we do one letter a … Continue reading STEM/STEAM at Home

New Year’s Tech Resolutions

Some of us make a list of resolutions to make the next year version of us just a little bit better. How about incorporating some tech themed resolutions as well!

Why Your Preteen Shouldn’t Have A Social Media Account

We discuss some details on why preteens should be kept away from social media until their teen years. This is to spark conversations between parents and their kids.