How To: #1 – It’s Time to Talk Two-Factor

In this first edition of How-To, I show readers what Two-Factor authentication is and how to apply it to their accounts.

Our Digital Home

We’re gonna start off our first official blog post with a wee overview of technology and how it’s changed since we (Kelsey and I) were born. We grew up in the days of cassette tapes, VHS players, home phones, and this beautiful sound: Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants (Terminology lesson) So we have these terms; … Continue reading Our Digital Home

We Started A Blog…Hide Your Kids!

What's Going On?!?! Hello Readers, If you know either of us, you are probably asking yourself, "What the heck are they thinking?" Kelsey and Nick starting up a website together might sound like a recipe for disaster, but we like to think of it as a new joint hobby and creative outlet. Now, I (Nick) … Continue reading We Started A Blog…Hide Your Kids!