We Started A Blog…Hide Your Kids!

What’s Going On?!?!

Hello Readers,

If you know either of us, you are probably asking yourself, “What the heck are they thinking?” Kelsey and Nick starting up a website together might sound like a recipe for disaster, but we like to think of it as a new joint hobby and creative outlet. Now, I (Nick) know that I have made fun of bloggers many times in my past…I don’t think that I’ll stop doing that now that I am one, but I might let off the gas just a little bit.

Our website will be a culmination of blog posts, helpful resources, video reviews, and a bi-weekly podcast that focus on the area of technology use in families. We plan on updating the readers with what is in the news and bringing them up to speed on different studies in the technology field. We’ll occasionally review a gadget or two (particularly STEM toys for young kids and consumer software).

We understand that the internet is a crazy place and parents require extra diligence in knowing what their children are doing online. We can’t just ignore it and assume that they are making good decisions on their own. Being involved in your children’s digital safety is a growing requirement as a parent and we hope to be able to equip you with the knowledge you need to make technology work for you…not against you.

How Can You Help?

I bet you are extremely excited to tune in to our podcasts and feed your brain with our amazing blog content! Right?! Well, we need your help. We would love to hear any questions you have in regards to our topics and read any comments on our posts. If you have any questions on things such as home security, media servers, STEM toys, internet account security, video games, or if you ever want our opinion on a piece of hardware/software, please don’t hesitate to connect with us on our contact page.

When Will It Start?

We are planning for the first podcast to be available on iTunes/Google Play (as well as a few other options) on July 20th. There will be a few weeks worth of blog entries by then and we hope to cover some of the topics in the recording.

We look forward to this new adventure and hope you enjoy the content. We expect this project to evolve naturally while we get comfortable with the new site and adapt to our fan base (which we hope will continue to grow as time goes on).


Kelsey’s Korner

So you’ll see the above header on many of the blog posts. This will be where I’m ‘allowed’ to type…haha, just kidding! It’s just a way to tell who’s typing and Nick is more of the tech talker/blogger anyway.

Here’s a wee background on myself: I have a degree in interpersonal communications – sounds boring right?! However, God steered me in that direction for a reason, I’m now a stay-at-home mom, it will be used a lot in this blog/podcast, and He’s put a desire in my heart to start a women’s ministry. Interpersonal communication – BOOM!

I like to pretend I can take photos, bake, and be creative. I love to host Thanksgiving and gather with others. I kind of wrote two children’s books and am trying to work up the courage to send them to publishers. I love hiking, vacations, and memories. I’m not big on buying things, especially for myself.

SO, if you have any questions that are more general communication/family communication you can email me directly at handydandyher@gmail.com. We also have a facebook and twitter for questions, comments, and normal social media stuff! So cool – chat at ya later!

*Disclaimer: I wouldn’t say we are super duper experts, however we did pay a lot of money for a piece of paper that says we graduated college. Keep in mind we are new parents…still learning. We’d love to hear tips and ideas from you also!

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