STEAM at Home

Hey it’s me, Kelsey!
It’s been a short second since I’ve contributed to the blog, in a writing sense, but I’m here today to give a short post about how to integrate STEAM into the home.

Now, these projects do not have to be super elaborate, with oodles of steps, and cost a ton of money. Those are fun too, but these can be fun and simple for the whole family.

So Little Dude and I are home during the week and we get out of the house for storytime, playground activities, and exploring nature dirt. We occasionally go out to meet daddy for lunch and of course we run errands. This boy likes to learn so I have to challenge myself to find some fun projects to do together. He’ll be two soon so I’d recommend these projects for toddler/preschool age.


Simon knows his colors pretty well so I decided to play around with mixing colors.

  • What you’ll need: a cookie sheet or disposable tray, 6 small bowls or cups (clear is best), water, food coloring, and an eye dropper or syringe.
  • We used the tray in case we spilled any water so it was under our bowls. We poured water into each bowl, then put some food coloring in three of them. One with red, one with blue, and one with yellow – your primary colors
  • Next we filled the syringe with one of the primary colored waters and put it into a bowl with no color. Example: filled it up with red and put it into a bowl with clear water.
  • Then we would pick one of the other colors (blue or yellow), fill the syringe and mix it with our new, red, water. We then watched the color change to purple or orange.
  • You can mix as much or as little as you like. I let little dude play around with it quite a bit, he even colored some paper towel.


We definitely aren’t adding or subtracting yet, but he loves to count so this is a fun activity.

  • What you’ll need: paper, marker, tape (optional), dice (one you already have or you can make one if your little one likes to put things in his/her mouth), and 6 markers such as game pieces, cars, Legos, etc.
  • To set the game up the adult will write the numbers 1-6 on a piece/pieces of paper. These numbers should be a good size, so I’d say 3-6 pieces of regular paper or one huge piece. I wrote two numbers on each paper. I taped them together so they were in order.
  • Little dude rolled the die and we counted the dots. Once counted we ‘drove’ the car to it’s parking spot on the correlating number.
  • We played this two times before his cars drove off to the city!


This has got to be one of Little Dudes favorite things – READING.


  • “Why do you have reading on her Kelsey? There no ‘R’ in S.T.E.A.M.” WELL, reading is an art form, it’s creative, builds imagination, and the book I’m about to mention is perfect for the STEAM movement!
  • “Rosie Revere, Engineer” by Andrea Beaty
  • This book is great. It’s fun to read, we’ve read it four times since checking it out from the library. It’s about a little girl who wants to be an engineer. She loves building things and trying to fix problems with her inventions. She starts to get discouraged when she hears people laughing at her creations. Then her Aunt shows up and teaches her that she can never fail, unless she quits.
  • This book is just one in a series of three or four so far. You gotta check these out.

This list isn’t exhaustive, but it’s a starting point and shows some very simple ways to integrate STEAM in the home. I’ll be back with more, but nap time just ended. Have a great weekend!

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