What is Responsible Social Media Use?

In our 8th episode of our podcast we asked if children today were entitled to social media accounts. I think it was a good chat, but I do believe there are some parts we can talk about more. Please comment, email, or post on our Facebook because I want to hear from you on this topic; what has worked or not worked for you and your family? Do you feel like social media is addictive or you spend too much time on it? Let’s chat!

Here are some tips to help add some control and regain peace of mind:

  • Turn off your notifications for social media sites.
  • Set aside small chunks of time to check your social media sites a few times a day.
  • Have a docking station for your phone, treat it like a landline.
  • Purge friends and pages you follow (get rid of the garbage).
  • Unfollow (if you can’t unfriend) negative friends and people
  • Keep posts positive and productive.
  • Only post or comment things that you would say face-to-face.
  • Fast from social media once in awhile (try 1 day a week).

If social media is becoming a problem and has become worrisome, try these:

  • Delete social media from your phone; only use a computer (making it not so ‘readily available’).
  • Download an app such as AppDetox (Android) or Blacklist (iOS) to help place limits on your “trouble” apps.
  • Deactivate your Social Media account (live like it is 2004 all over again!).

Here is a recap of our tips to help monitor your kids’ social media platforms:

  • Monitor social media activity and slowly release how often you monitor them.
  • Know their passwords and place locks on downloading apps (they have to come to you to install a new app).
  • Know what is on your kid’s phone. There are dangerous “secret” apps that can be downloaded. For a small list of examples of these apps, click here.
  • Their phone has the same docking station as yours. Phones don’t go into bedrooms at night. Buy a cheap alarm clock to get the phone out of your bedroom.
  • Conversations about trends, friends, and how to use social media in a healthy way.
  • No phones at the dinner table or during family/friend time. Be present, be family.

Again, if you have any tips you’d like to share, email me at HandyDandyHer@gmail.com or leave a comment below. I’d love to have a conversation with you.

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