Hey guys! It’s been a second since we’ve posted on the blog! I promise we’ll get better at this. In fact I’m going to try to get a STEM/STEAM activity up at least once a month for you guys.

Below you’ll be able to see a few of our activities; we do one letter a week and this week was ‘Hh’ which ended up being for house, but which also played in great for geometry and shapes.


Above you’ll see Little Dude putting together shapes to make a house. We actually do this activity during story-time at the library (with the good old felt board) so he was pretty familiar on how to make a house. I asked him to pick out the colors he wanted for each part of the house and I cut them out. Then we talked through the gluing and constructing to get the awesome final picture.

What you need:

– Construction paper
– Glue or double sided tape
– Cotton ball (optional)

Things to chat about: Color, shapes, how many sides on each shape, what each shape represents on the house.



This activity was pretty new for Little Dude. We’ve done something similar before, however it was a little easier. In the photo you can see we built some little shapes/figures out of Duplo Legos, I traced around them, and then LD matched the outline to the shape/figure. When we first did this, we used single blocks or small toys.

What you  need:

– Duplo Legos (or other kind of blocks; mega blocks, wooden blocks, etc)
– Paper
– Marker

To make this easier: use one block of each shape or small toys

To make this more challenging:  disassemble blocks so your child has to reassemble before matching.


These are simple ways to introduce your tot to geometry at home with things you can find around the house. We don’t do these projects once, we do them over and over until LD has mastered it and needs something a little more challenging. Maybe in my next post we’ll have some snow to play with!

Thanks for reading! Please share, comment, or suggest away! Have a wonderful day!

Thanks for reading

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