About the Duo


We are a couple of abnormal folks from The Mitten.

Our mission in our marriage and home is to put God first in all that we do. We believe that ministry is something you can do no matter what your occupation. The way you express love to others exemplifies the God who first loved us and it is our mission to share that love.

Nick (HandyDandyHim) is a husband, father, IT analyst, craft beer enthusiast, ex-PC gamer, sci-fi movie lover, tennis player, lackluster gardener, and geek.

Kelsey (HandyDandyHer) is a wife, mother, domestic engineer, ex-PC gamer (n00b status), rom-com movie lover, softball player, lackluster gardener, and baker.

We have a son who will be referred to as ‘Little Dude’ on this site and podcast. He is entering the toddler stage and is a tad bit crazy! He is our pride and joy, and also the reason for sleepless nights and grey hair. Little Dude is incredibly smart and funny (takes after his mom there) and our unbiased research has determined that he’s the cutest kid on Earth.