Fun-ucational Apps

Yes, it's a word...don't overthink it. If you want to hear us discuss this content on our podcast, click the following link: Listen to the Podcast! A couple weeks ago, the Google giant was forced to remove dozens of apps from the Play Store due to some pretty shady developers placing pornographic ads and links to … Continue reading Fun-ucational Apps

What is Responsible Social Media Use?

Just a recap of our last episode. I wanted to give parents a list of tips to try to implement to add control over social media accounts for them and their children.

Our Digital Home

We’re gonna start off our first official blog post with a wee overview of technology and how it’s changed since we (Kelsey and I) were born. We grew up in the days of cassette tapes, VHS players, home phones, and this beautiful sound: Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants (Terminology lesson) So we have these terms; … Continue reading Our Digital Home